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The best part is, It goes with all ages.

One shop to get a perfect gift for all the 3 generations. Whether it's Grandparents Day, Mothers Day or Daughters Day.




I wanted to make our 25th Anniversary special but was simply clueless with gifting options and a friend referred me to check out Stud Diamond. First, I was a little skeptical about my purchase but today I am glad I chose to shop from them. My wife is so happy to adorn the beautiful set of stud earrings I gifted her from Stud! A big YES for anyone who is as confused as I was, a few months back!

- Cruise Tattler

I love diamonds and I’ve always wanted to gift myself one! My first purchase really was special and finding the right brand that fits in my budget took a while but there was an instant YES that came out within me and I now love to flaunt my Stud diamond pendant on every outfit!

- Stena Steven

Transparency of pricing is good sign along with certificate has won my heart, but for me quality matters the most and for now I am happy with my purchase and would love to shop again for their, price, product and value!

Grace Butler