A Forever Bond

The arrival of Friendship’s Day 2021 ushers in excitement and anticipation. Most of our adolescent years have been filled with nostalgia of evenings spent painstakingly braiding and embellishing friendship bands before the big day arrives. While tying the band further strengthens this bond, it also fosters feelings of belonging and closeness.
As you transition into adult life, the friendship bands take on a grown-up approach through a beautiful diamond jewelry. Exemplifying the constancy of your friendship, some traditions are everlasting, just like diamonds. 4 AM calls, laughing fits, private jokes, shopping escapades and impromptu slumber parties – there’s only one person with who you share all of these incredible moments, your best friend. They’re your rock of support, the family you choose and your first love in its truest sense.
Celebrate Friendship’s Day 2021 with a friendship that has stood the test of time, remind yourselves of its worth with the worthiest of gifts – a natural diamond. Symbolic of all your coming-of-age experiences, real diamond jewellery is a sparkling totem of all your wonderful memories and the exciting moments yet to come. Our curated Friendship’s Day gift for her gives you a design to match a unique personality, after all, who knows your bestie better than you?

Celebrate the power of trust with these dazzling STUD DIAMOND GIFT SET – symbolic of stolen whispers, this classic design deserves to dangle and glint from the ears of your confidant for honouring that unspoken code. This spectacular design features natural round cut diamond pendant and a pair of diamond earrings – a contemporary look and will never go out of style – just like your friendship.  


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Wishing you all a very Happy Friendship Day!

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