Diamond Quality

We deals in 3 qualities, VS [ Very Slight inclusion ], SI [ Slight inclusion ] I1 [ Noticeable inclusion ]. All our diamonds are procured mainly from the manufacturer. To help with the knowledge for the diamonds we have display 3 images and video for the qualities.

VS” stands for “Very Slightly Included.” VS clarity diamonds have inclusions that cannot be seen with the naked eye. VS is a Clarity rating where minor inclusions are somewhat easily detected by a trained professional under 10X magnification. Without using any magnification aids, you shouldn't be able to see any flaws or inclusions with your naked eye


SI meaning “Slightly Included”, there is a chance that any internal flaws are visible to the naked eye. For the most part, however, they will be invisible unless under magnification. It's no surprise that diamonds that are flawless carry a hefty premium. SI2 diamonds are slightly included to the 2nd degree, meaning they have inclusions that are easily seen under 10X magnification. Some SI2 diamonds are eye-clean. A larger portion, however—approximately 70%—are not eye-clean. That’s why you need to carefully examine SI2 diamonds.


An I1 diamond is included to the 1st degree—meaning it has noticeable inclusions under a standard jeweler's loupe at 10X magnification. I1 inclusions are also almost always visible to the naked eye, making them not eye-clean diamonds. ... You can ask an expert to help you review the diamond.