Are Lab grown diamonds as precious as Natural diamonds?

They say, ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!’. Who would deny to shine in the brilliance of this precious stone? Well we are often taken aback with the price tag every diamond carries with its shine but your joy will know no bounds when we tell you that you get to experience the taste of natural diamond at considerably minimal cost if you rather decide to gift yourself or your loved ones a lab grown diamond, sparkling just as bright as mined diamond!

What is a lab grown diamond?
The only way to differentiate a lab grown diamond from a natural diamond is its origin! A lab grown diamond is rather created inside a lab using cutting-edge technology that replicated the naturally growing process of diamond. The result is chemically, physically, and optically identical as those grown beneath the Earth’s surface. This man-made innovation has given the Diamond industry an opportunity to offer the highest quality of lab grown diamond at around 40% lower prices than natural diamond.
⦁    Eco-friendly
⦁    Ethically sourced
⦁    Competitively priced
Isn’t this surprising to know?

STUD DIAMOND offers an elegant range in ethically made Lab created diamond stud earrings and pendants to seize the perfect moments of your life and let them shine bright!


IGI certified lab grown diamond feature a round shape, near-colorless diamond with VS-SI clarity set in 14K white gold four-prong settings with push backs. This pair of diamond earrings is available in 1.00CT, 1.50CT, 2.00CT, 2.50CT, 3.00CT, 4.00CT total weight.

Price – Starting from $1,335


This solitaire pendant with IGI certified lab grown diamond feature a round shape, near-colorless diamond with VS-SI clarity set in 14K white gold four-prong settings with 18-inch box chain and spring lock. This diamond pendant is available in 0.50CT, 0.70CT, 1.00CT, 1.25CT, 1.50CT and 2.00CT weight.


Price – Starting from $755

Should you buy a Lab Diamond or a Natural Diamond?
There are a few factors associated with your decision to purchase a Lab grown diamond or a Natural diamond. Although, expert gemologists couldn’t really differentiate between a mined diamond and a lab grown diamond. But let’s dig into the big difference to take into consideration while making this decision.

⦁    Price Point

A few years back, lab grown diamonds were 23-25% expensive than natural diamonds. But today, the scenario has flipped and lab grown diamonds are significantly cheaper than the mined ones with no cap on the supply as compared to natural diamond taking billions of years to create a diamond. This definitely holds a reason to buy lab grown diamond and celebrate the joy of buying a brilliant stone.

⦁    Look

The only person who knows that you own a Lab grown diamond or Natural diamond is “You” and there can be nothing more interesting to influence your purchase!

So, the answer lies within you now to decide if you wish to buy a Lab grown diamond or a natural diamond. Visit us at to give yourself or your loved ones a pair of stunning earring that fits into your budget.